I took Ray's umbrella without meaning to.

Earnie had Norma wash the car.

What if I say "no"?

Are you busy?

Dwayne told a joke.

To be frank, I think this 'conspiracy theory' is nonsense.

I can't believe how beautiful you are.

Ofer tried to cover up his mistake.


The queue is too long at the ticket office.


Jeanette is a lucky to still be alive.

Maybe we should wait a little longer.

Did you really talk to Jesper about this?

Let's give her a minute.

The story ends with the main character's death.

I really want a motorcycle.

She seldom uses nail polish.

Jurevis knows the Secretary of State.

You share his interest in this book?


This is a tree in the spring.

I need someone to talk to.

Astronomers have observed sixty-two moons orbiting Saturn.

Randal has dual citizenship.

This is very simple.

We're still looking for volunteers.

I hear the drum.

Kristen said Lucius was a good pilot.

Everything looks normal.


Why do you want this?

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I'm here to pick her up.

Mah just got arrested.

Would you think about marrying me?

I'll be about again when my leg heals.

It won't be long before he is up and about.


I think everyone's overreacting.

It was on a hot summer night.

Sir William did not say much.

Just because people are corporeal born to this world doesn't mean that they understand everything about it, similarly just because somebody's died doesn't mean that they understand everything about the incorporeal world.

The analysis gives the following results.

Though she did not wear expensive clothes, she was neatly dressed.

The broken window was boarded up.

Justin Bieber is more famous than Katie Holmes.

I thought you were happy.

Jane was boiling.

The transportation in this city is very convenient.


This work is beyond me.


Lar continued reading.

Everyone knows that this chemical is harmful to man.

He fell down from the roof, and what made the matter worse, broke his leg.

I was surprised about it.

They clinked glasses.


It took a whole day to paint the picture.

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Somehow, a nearly bankrupt third-party publisher flashed the new Castlevania game onto the memory incompletely. As a result, an entire generation of kids in Macon, Georgia unanimously condemned it as "Simon Does Nothing but Fall into a Bottomless Pit."


Ernest thought we were in danger.

I told you that my dad died when I was thirteen.

She has been watching television for three hours.

The first thing to come to mind was her face.

Tell her to not look for me.

We interrupt this program for an urgent communication.

Have you heard the news yet?

Your arms are longer than mine.

Anna's pen is black.

How many meaningful sentences can Tatoeba contain?

Jaime went out to his car.


Neal looked at the sky.

I polished her shoes for her.

I have been speaking Spanish.

Any way you do, the outcome is no different.

Get me the scissors, please.


I need to see Frederic right now.

"I'll give you twenty bucks for it." "Nothing doing. Thirty dollars; take it or leave it." "Fine, then I guess I'll take my business elsewhere."

Don't quit on me.


Novo assumed Darrell was hiding something from him.

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The servants, and the young ladies also, decked out the tree. On one branch they hung little nets, cut out of colored paper; every net was filled with sweetmeats; golden apples and walnuts hung down as if they grow there, and more than a hundred little candles, red, white, and blue, were fastened to the different boughs.

I think Becky likes baseball.

Order, please.

Just a spot of shut-eye has already refreshed my mind.

He is not so much a journalist as a scholar.

That theater has a foreign film festival every other month.

Here we are, we're arrived.


She's more experienced than me.

I realized how rare happy people were.

You need something practical.

I experienced intense cold at the South Pole last year.

Diane doesn't study as hard as he used to.

"A Happy New Year!" "I wish you the same!"

In Texas, murder is a crime punishable by death.

You must be joking!

Never do things by halves.

I have to go get them.

That's why I did it.

What size do you take?

For God's sake don't tell it to anyone.


They had wonderful lives.

He was able to do everything at will.

Geoff isn't working.


Kamel is the manager of a small restaurant.

Nothing ever seems to change around here.

Galen isn't even trying.

Sorry if I was doing the dishes.

Lenora became a French teacher when he was thirty.

I honestly don't get it.

In situations like these, it's best to remain calm.

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When I called him right-wing, I mean that his thinking is old-fashioned.

It was extremely distressing.

I knew you'd be back.

It felt really good.

Does your wig make you deaf?


Mr. Koizumi talks endlessly without stopping.

I'm perfectly happy.

Juliet is always late to meetings.

Please, don't be concerned about it. It's just a formality.

Is he still interested?


Everyone left except us.

If you have complaints about the taste of my cooking, you could start to make it yourself starting tomorrow.

He is almost always home.


Ariel went to an agricultural school.


If I hadn't seen the way they kissed, I'd have thought they couldn't stand each other.

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Something urgent came up.

Marcos can't handle this anymore.

I'm glad someone understands.


Nelken is very supportive of his colleagues.

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We just found it a half hour ago.

The teacher should be very patient with her students.

I'm photographing the woman.

I'd sure like to see them, but I won't have the time.

What was it that Troy bought yesterday?

Coming home having accomplished his task, Curtis appeared larger.

I've got some good news for you.

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I don't remember.


I decided on my exercise program.


Someday I will repay him for looking down on me.

The birth rate has been decreasing recently.

Everything Fritz said about Travis was true.

Roberta used to be the best swimmer here.

I appreciate your invitation, but...

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What's the problem with me going there instead of you?

I couldn't take your place.

Why are you so gloomy?


He loves coffee.

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She is clearly insane.

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Just tell me this isn't going to get me thrown into jail.

Nils didn't wake me up at 6:30 like I asked him to.

Morgan's wife is called Wendi.

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Is there any adverse reaction?


I was happy to see him.

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The King of Sweden, to whom this part of the country belonged, more than once gave orders to cut down the haunted wood, but there was no one with courage enough to obey his commands.

Ramesh gave Vidhyanath plenty to eat.

He told me that he was going to Italy.

Audio in Tatoeba sentences are provided by Shtooka.

He hurt his knee when he fell.

Were you at Michel and Monty's wedding?

What sports do you go in for?


Eric didn't appear to be particularly eager to go with us.

It might be too late to visit Miek now.

She cooked the dinner herself.


Everything's about you, so I'm not going!

Everybody was listening intently to Ralf's speech.

I leave this afternoon.

The garden was larger than I had expected.

I have to go on a diet to lose weight.


I wish he would write more often.